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Accelerating the future of energy, together.

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Can we power the things we love and green the planet at the same time? AES is the next-generation energy company with over four decades of experience helping businesses transition to clean, renewable energy. Isn't it time to connect to your energy future?



AES is a Fortune 500 energy company that aims to accelerate the future of energy. Working as a team with our stakeholders, we are improving lives and our planet, through the implementation of sustainable and intelligent solutions for companies, organizations, cities, nations and industries. Our workforce is diverse and committed to innovation and excellence. We work together with our clients to meet their 24/7 energy needs and in their strategic transition towards renewable energies.

AES Career


Is it possible to work for a company that’s helping to take care of the planet? Yes AES.

We’re working towards a more sustainable energy future through innovation. For example, we have implemented energy storage systems for the first time in India, and we are also accelerating the implementation of solar power plants globally. Thanks to the application of new technologies and the creativity and innovation of our teams, we're developing transformative solutions to improve lives and help our planet.

AES Chile

Es una de las generadoras de energía más importantes de Chile con activos renovables en eólicos, solares, hidro, biomasa y sistemas de almacenamiento de energía en baterías. Están constantemente innovando y buscando soluciones para impulsar el combustible del futuro: H2V.

AES Colombia

Es una generadora y comercializadora de energía en Colombia que se encuentra energizando diariamente cerca de 3,2 millones de consumidores a lo largo de todo el país. Cuenta con plantas solares e hidroeléctricas y están constantemente desarrollando nuevas soluciones de energía.

Together we're achieving ambitious sustainability goals.

We're making a greener, smarter future a reality. As a partner in our journey or a member of our team, we'll be alongside you to help elevate your position as a leader of the future.


AES Andes initiates commercial operation of San Matías and consolidates its wind generation in Biobío


New presidential delegate in Concón, Quintero, and Puchuncaví visits AES Andes Ventanas Complex


AES Andes Achieves New Milestone in its Decarbonization Process


AES Andes obtains environmental approval for its Cristales project


AES Andes Requests Early and Final Withdrawal of Unit 2 of Ventanas Power Plant

Andes Solar IIb foto

Historic Milestone for AES Andes: Latin America’s Largest Solar Battery Storage System Goes into Operation


AES Andes Acquires Bolero Solar Park in Northern Chile

Campo Lindo

AES Andes advances in its transformation process with a new wind farm in operation and entry of new renewable projects


AES Andes ingresa a evaluación ambiental nuevo proyecto solar con 542 MW de almacenamiento