New presidential delegate in Concón, Quintero, and Puchuncaví visits AES Andes Ventanas Complex

May 27, 2024

  • The authority appreciated the company’s progress in the country’s decarbonization process.

Puchuncaví, The recently appointed Presidential Delegate for Socio-Environmental Crisis Management in Concón, Quintero, and Puchuncaví, Cristián Cáceres, visited the AES Andes Ventanas complex. He was welcomed by Marcelo Morales, the manager of the Central Complex.

The delegate’s primary role is to coordinate sectoral agencies in the industrial zone and oversee on-site work to safeguard the environmental situation in the area. During the visit, Cáceres familiarized himself with AES Andes’ energy generation process in Puchuncaví. He toured both the older thermal power units that have already been disconnected from the National Electric System (Ventanas 1 and 2) and the newer units that continue to operate, injecting energy into the country (Ventanas 3 and 4).

The environmental engineer described the visit as “very interesting” and emphasized the importance of understanding the industrial operations in this territory. He also acknowledged AES Andes’ efforts in complying with national decarbonization projects.

Marcelo Morales, the manager of the Central Complex at AES Andes, expressed satisfaction with the delegate’s visit. He highlighted how the team diligently adheres to environmental regulations and empowers operators and shift supervisors to ensure responsible operations aligned with community expectations.

Morales added that we informed the delegate about how we empower our operators and shift supervisors to comply at all times with the provisions that apply to our facilities, ensuring alignment with community expectations, which means maintaining responsible operations.

This activity is part of a series of visits by the presidential delegate to industrial sector companies, aimed at reviewing the implementation of best available techniques to reduce and capture emissions in the environment.