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    AES Andes | Accelerating the future of energy, together

    Javier Dib

    Chile / August 8, 2022

    AES Andes announces CEO transition and reinforces the continuity of Greentegra strategy

    • Ricardo Falú, CEO of AES Andes, will assume an executive role at The AES Corporation while maintaining his ties with Chile and the region
    • Javier Dib, Market Business Leader of AES Chile, will take over from Falú as CEO of AES Andes.





    Our latest focus


    Hello future

    Awaken the energy that renews the future.

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    Global scale, local impact

    AES is deeply rooted in local culture and customs. We invest in our communities in a way that makes the best sense for them. We learn, grow, expand and share the experiences we have to bring innovation from one market to another, changing the future of energy, together.

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    Social impact programs


    Beneficiaries worldwide


    Social investments


    The historic hybrid energy contract between Google and AES Chile

    Castilla Solar AES Colombia

    Ecopetrol becomes an example for the oil sector and for the country


    Andes Solar II-B

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    Let's turn your sustainable vision into a reality

    Together, we’re achieving ambitious sustainability goals

    We're making a greener, smarter, future a reality. As a partner in our journey or a member of our team, we'll be alongside you to help elevate your position as a leader of the future. 

    AES Mujer & our commitment to diversity

    Since 2013, we have generated opportunities for inclusive and sustainable economic development work in two areas. The EMPRETEC workshops, a United Nations entrepreneurship program, are provided to female relatives of AES people and help participants develop skills...


    Let’s accelerate the future of energy, together.

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