This new wind farm injects 78 MW into the National Electric System

AES Andes initiates commercial operation of San Matías and consolidates its wind generation in Biobío

June 27, 2024

In a new milestone of its Greentegra transformational strategy, AES Andes announced that its San Matías Wind Farm, located in Los Ángeles, Biobío region, has commenced commercial operation following authorization from the National Electric Coordinator. This initiative marks the company's fifth wind farm and becomes part of its renewable generation hub in the region.

San Matías, with a capacity of 78 MW, began construction in late 2022 and prioritized the hiring of local labor, reaching a peak of 44% of workers from the Los Ángeles commune.

AES Andes General Manager Javier Dib stated, “The commercial operation launch of San Matías marks a new achievement in our Greentegra strategy. We are very proud to see how our company's renewable transformation reflects our commitment and dedication to a more sustainable future, and is the result of the efforts of all collaborators, clients, and communities. Today, over 50% of our company's portfolio is based on renewable technologies and battery storage.”

Dib added, “With the commissioning of this park, we reaffirm our leadership position in wind generation in the Biobío region.”

During the operational phase of this park, various initiatives are planned to strengthen the development of local communities, such as a global participatory fund, a plan to strengthen beekeeping activity in its area of influence, and a program for the development of investment projects exclusively for the Indigenous Association Las Newenches de Santa Fe.

Since the launch of Greentegra in 2018, the company has taken substantial steps to reduce the emissions intensity of its portfolio, with investments of over US$1.8 billion enabling the incorporation of 1,163 MW of wind, solar, and battery storage capacity. In Chile, it has projects under construction for 767 MW of renewable capacity, in addition to a portfolio of 1,700 MW under development already contracted, all with expected investments exceeding US$2.5 billion between 2024 and 2027.

About AES Andes

AES Andes generates and sells energy in Chile, Colombia and Argentina. The company operates 5,316 MW in South America along with an extensive portfolio of renewable energy projects under development. It is one of the leading power generation firms in the region with a diversified portfolio including hydroelectric, wind, solar, energy storage, natural gas and coal. In Chile, AES Andes and its subsidiaries own and operate 3,544 MW, consisting of 1,645 MW thermal, 771 MW hydroelectric, 431 MW wind, 456 MW photovoltaic solar, and 241 MW of energy storage systems in batteries, in addition to seawater desalination plants and transmission lines.