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    Executive leadership team

    Our leaders are leaders beyond their fields of expertise. They exemplify our values, empower our people to grow and innovate, and work beyond their daily roles to drive transformation in the energy industry. Learn about the faces behind the impact here.


    ricardo Falu

    Ricardo Manuel Falú

    CEO AES Andes

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    Javier Giorgio png

    Javier Giorgio

    South America SBU Chief Operating Officer

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    Emiliano Chaparro

    Emiliano Chaparro

    Vicepresidente Comercial Sudamérica

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    María Paz Cerda

    María Paz Cerda

    Vice President General Counsel, Legal Affairs

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    Jorge Lagos

    Jorge Lagos

    Vice President, Corporate Affairs

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    Jorge Amiano Goyarrola

    Jorge Amiano

    Vice President, Development

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    Ricardo Roizen

    Ricardo Roizen

    Vice President, Finance

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    Ricardo Silvarinho

    Ricardo Silvarinho

    Vice President, Human Resources

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