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    Governance image

    At AES Andes, we believe operating under the highest standards for corporate governance is an essential element to the success of the company.

    Through oversight and review, AES Andes' Board of Directors works together with management to implement our mission – accelerating the future of energy, together.

    Office meeting

    AES Andes corporate governance guidelines

    AES Andes S.A. is a publicly-held corporation whose stock trades on three exchanges: the Santiago Stock Exchange and the Chilean Electronic Stock Exchange.

    AES Andes' corporate governance practices are developed in accordance with Chile’s legal framework, governed principally by the company’s by-laws, and Law 18.046 on Corporations and Law 18.045 on Equities Markets In addition, the company has a Code of Conduct and Business Ethics, aligned with the principles of its parent company, The AES Corporation, and developed to reinforce and enhance the company’s commitment to uphold its ethics and values while doing business.

    Independent Auditors

    • During the General Shareholders meeting on April 28, 2022 Ernst & Young was selected as the independent auditor for 2022.

    Incorporation and bylaws

    Board of Directors

    Name Position
    Juan Ignacio Rubiolo Chairman
    Bernerd Da Santos Director
    Ricardo Falú Director
    Radovan Razmilic Tomicic Director
    Arminio Borjas Director
    Madelka Mccalla Director
    Giselle Leger Director
    Gonzalo Parot Palma Director
    Daniel Fernández Koprich Director

    Board committee

    Name Position
    Gonzalo Parot Chairman
    Radovan Razmilic Director
    Daniel Fernández Director
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