The thermoelectric asset will be definitively closed on December 31.

AES Andes Celebrates Closing Lunch for Unit 2 of Ventanas Power Plant

December 28, 2023

AES Andes recognized the collaborators, who will end their working life on December 31, 2023 with the definitive closure of the Unit 2 of Ventanas plant, located in Puchuncaví, with a comradely lunch.

The company’s CEO, Javier Dib, along with the VP of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Mariana Soto, the Chief Operations Officer, Norberto Corredor, the Chief Human Resources Officer, Carla Requena, and the employees of the Ventanas plant, were present to thank the work and commitment of each of the people who took advantage of the retirement plans offered by the company as a result of the early shutdown of the unit.

It is worth mentioning here that in line with AES Andes’ commitment to the decarbonization process of Chile’s energy matrix, the definitive closure of Ventanas Unit 2 has been advanced by two years to December 31, 2023.

Javier Dib pointed out that "this is a moment of mixed emotions. We are very proud of the steps we are taking in the decarbonization process, but at the same time, all farewells are sad, especially when they involve employees and a plant that has been fundamental to the energy supply to the Valparaíso region. I sincerely thank each and every one of them for their commitment to AES Andes and especially to Chile over the years."

Ventanas 2 has a gross capacity of 208 MW and has been the key plant for maintaining the energy supply of the entire Valparaíso region for years. Its closure, together with the previous closure of Unit 1, is equivalent to removing more than one million vehicles from the country's roads.

"AES Andes has shown concrete signs of its commitment to the country's decarbonization process and to the fight against climate change. In addition to the previously announced closure of our coal-fired plants, we continue to make strong progress with our investment program in renewable energy and storage projects. All of this is possible thanks to the commitment of the company's employees," said Dib.

About AES Andes

AES Andes generates and sells electricity in Chile, Colombia and Argentina. The Company operates 5,636 MW in South America and has an extensive pipeline of renewable energy projects under development. The Company is one of the leading generators in the region with a diversified portfolio that includes hydro, wind, solar, energy storage, biomass, natural gas, and coal-fired generation.

In Chile, AES Andes and its subsidiaries own and operate 3,913 MW of generating capacity, including 2,129 MW of thermal, 771 MW of hydroelectric, 348 MW of wind, 429 MW of solar, 13 MW of biomass, and 223 MW of battery-based energy storage systems, as well as desalination plants, and transmission lines.